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DLP in Microsoft Office 365
DLP solution is available now in Office 365

What does DLP mean?
DLP is an acronym related to Data Loss systems Prevention. Solutions of this type are implemented in corporations in order to secure strategic resources against their intended or accidental leakage. In last time concept DLP is becoming more and more popular thanks to the use such solutions in the protection of sensitive data. The task of DLP is to determine the content in the data and define who and how is authorized to send and receive information.

DLP in Office 365
The DLP solution is available for the Office 365 service as an Office 365 add-on . This add-on is particularly recommended when working with shared documents. Office 365 documents can be shared among others through the following channels:

  • Sharepoint Online
  • OneDrive
  • Teams

For example, in the case of SharePoint Online, administrators can specify in detail about granted  permissions. Administrators can control from which devices or from what IP addresses it is possible to edit / read data. In addition, by monitoring transmitted information you can monitor the data that are sent outside the organization. Based on the reports generated by DLP, you can check the flow of information in the organization. As a result, eg after a year, it is possible to generate a report identifying the flow of information protected within the organization.

Another functionality is the ability to set up notifications for users. An example of a notification can take the following form: "The item contains sensitive information. It can't be shared with people outside your organizations".

As part of the development of security services, a special security portal - Portal Security & Compliance Center has been made available in the Office 365 service . One of the available functionalities is assigning appropriate permissions (roles) to users. In addition, the administrator can define alerts, eg. In case of change a premiessions or in the case of detection undesired activities on the SharePoint platform.

Dating Security & Compliance Center is available at:

Sample file containing confidential data
Icon relating to the document containing sensitive data is marked with a red "traffic ban" sign or a red warning triangle. if user selecting a file marked in this way, then alert will shown " This itemcontains sensitive information . It can not be shared with people outside your Organizations".

Which services are compatible with the DLP add-on?


Office 365 Business Essentials

Office 365 Business Premium

SharePoint Online Plan 1

SharePoint Online Plan 2

Office 365 Enterprise E1

Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E5

Office 365 Enterprise F1

SharePoint Server 2016 Standard