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Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based service that includes a set of tools and services for team collaboration. The service is available at:
What is Microsoft Teams?
Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based service that includes a set of tools and services for team collaboration. The service is available at:
Microsoft Teams - history and popularity
The first edition of the software was put into operation on March 14 2017. Teams app in first years of activities are quite popular. As a result, over 200,000 organizations currently use the Teams app.
  • 200k organizations
  • 120 millions active users
  • 60 millions petabytes of data in the cloud
  • 100k messages sent every second. 

One of the characteristic functionalities is the possibility of creating a " team". A number of users can be added to each team.
Within the teams, channels are created within which communication takes place. The communication of team members can take various forms:
  • Converstions
    • messages (chat),
    • audio&video call
    • screen sharing
  • files sharing
  • making notes (wiki)

Integrations with popular applications
In addition to the basic forms of communication above, Teams offers integration with other solutions (some of them are presented in the screenshot below).

Phone calls
Teams it provides PBX functionality in the Office 365 service, which allows you to replace your on-premises telephony hardware. More information about making phone calls based on Office 365:
The tool allows you to schedule audio / video meetings . Teams is linked to the Outlook service, thanks to which invitations are sent simultaneously by e-mail and entered into the calendar directly from the Teams application .
In addition to the standard types of meetings known from the Skype for Business application, it is possible to organize a "live broadcast" meeting . This type of meeting allows you to plan presentations for large groups of recipients of up to 10  000 participants.

Microsoft Teams – training materials
Jeśli poszukujesz materiałów szkoleniowych z zakresu obsługi Microsoft Teams, polecamy oficjalne materiały Microsoft w formie prezentacji oraz materiału wideo.
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