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Business Central reporting tool
We present the analytics and reporting tool for Business Central
The reporting tool for the Business Central system is a comprehensive Business Intelligence class solution. Thanks to the perfect integration of the ERP system with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you can build advanced reports without unnecessary process such as copy and paste.

  • Refreshing data in real time or at set time intervals.
  • Combining information from various sources into one coherent report.
  • Advanced Business Intelligence analytical functions. Including OLAP cubes and data warehouses.
  • The ability to generate intuitive dashboards in just a few minutes. Dozens of predefined reports are ready.
  • Useful functionalities when creating financial statements.
  • Advanced data filtering capabilities (including so-called advanced dimensions).

The use of modern solutions supporting the reporting process brings many benefits. The main benefit is making rational data-based decisions. However, it's also convenient access to data (among other things thanks to the automatic data flow between the system and the spreadsheet). In addition, it is worth noting that working with data is intuitive, it does not require programming skills. The installation of the analytics and reporting solution takes just one day.