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What’s new in Business Central licensing since Directions conferences.
We take every opportunity we can to explain with more detail the intricacies of Business Central licensing. Here is another update based on Microsoft webinar last week, which dives into what’s new in licensing since Directions conferences.
About Webinar:
  • The webinar took place on January 10
  • Lecturer: Antonio Loscalzo from Microsoft
  • Title: Business Central Pricing & Licensing
  • The webinar was dedicated to Microsoft Partners only

What happened since Directions?
Since last Directions conference we have three main changes and many more in progress. Changes were made thanks to the feedback from Microsoft Partners.

Limited User – Team Member mapping
The first one is about Limited to 2 Team member mapping. So we will have 2 team members for every limited user. This applies for all purchased before October 1, 2018

DEMO/DEV License user quantity
Next change is about DEMO/DEV License user quantity:
  • 150 FULL users (named)
  • 25 Team members (named)
  • 90 days expriration date
The key change is the DEMO/DEV license will be limited to 90 days. That means every 90 days you will have to refresh your license.
It’s definitely a trade-off: we will need to generate the license more often, but at the same time be able to add many more new users to this license.

Step up process
The other change is the step up process. If you want to move up from Business Central Essentials to Business Central Premium (it will be a self-serve process). In that case, only the delta will be charged.

Work in progress…

Team Members accessing ISV solutions
Team Members cost is now $8, and it allows to access up to 15 ISV custom entities. That means Team Member can edit 15 ISV objects.

Today Business Central has limitations in terms of storage. In the future you will be able to purchase additional storage (applicable also to sandbox /non-production environments)

Transactional SKU
There is a plan to add “Transactional SKU” similar to what Finance & Operations offers now. More info will be available soon, but in essense, this type of license will allow a multiple set of users to perform a defined number of operations (transactions) in the system.

Device License
Device License will be launched on a price list soon. It will be limited to WMS and Retail scenarios and available to ISV who operate in those domains.

3 Accountant users per tenant will be available.

Enable 2 free partner user license for Business Central on-prem.
Because of the fact that Business Central licenses are based on “named users”, there is a need for additional licenses that Partners can use. It will be satisfied by adding 2 free partner licenses to each BC on-prem instance.