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The basis for service support offered by Dynamics Development Center is a competent Helpdesk team that operates in several locations in Poland. What makes our consultants unique is the high customer orientation and extensive experience in solving complex tickets. We support companies working on Dynamics NAV and Business Central.
We constantly improve our Helpdesk offer.

The confirmation of these words are numerous investments in this area of activity.

From 2018, a team of consultants is led by a manager with over 10 years of experience. The offer is complemented by an innovative 4me notification system.

Our experience allows us to state that the perfect service offer should consist of the following features:
  • A simple registration process for new tickets.
  • Reliable technical service in the shortest possible time.
  • Predictable cost and flexible contract.

Check how we can combine these and other elements within one comprehensive Helpdesk offer.

SLAs are divided into three categories.

Priority 1 - critical errors.
In this case, the time to deliver the solution is 8 hours. As priority 1, we qualify errors that seriously affect the operations performed by the majority of the company's users. An example would be damage or loss of important data.

Priority 2 - high priority errors.
For the application marked with priority 2, the reaction time is only 2 hours. As a rule, these are serious problems for one user, eg errors in the user's license, unavailability of key functionality, inability to carry out a key process in the system.

Priority 3 - errors with a normal priority
Errors classified as priority 3 are an error that can be solved by the user without major problems.