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Privacy Policy

  1. Who will be your personal data controller
    Your personal data controller is Dynamics Development Center Sp. z o.o., Grzybowska 87, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland.
    If you have any enquiries regarding your personal data protection, please contact us at: writing "Personal data" in the mail title.
  1. How and to what end is your personal data being collected?
    Personal data can be collected automatically through cookies (more info: here). Thanks to that we can analyze traffic on our website by using tools such as Google Analytics or SALESmanago. The legal basis for such our action is our legally legitimate interest, ie the right to analyze traffic on our website. Data retention period: until their usefulness ends or until you withdraw your consent.
    Apart from that we only collect data that you agreed to share with us by filling out one of contact forms on our websites.
Your personal data is being collected in order to enable the following:
  • Contacting you to confirm DEMO details of the ERP system
  • Contacting you to present an implementation offer for the ERP system
  • Sending you material (pdf files, presentations, articles) that you ordered through our website
  • Realizing a support ticket that you requested through our website
  • Adding you to our newsletter list
  • Realizing other goals that were clearly stated in an online form (in the above situations, the basis for processing your data by us is your request, sent to us before the signing the contract. Data retention period: until you recive our reply and until possible claims expire). 
  • Adding you to the list of people subscribed to the newsletter (then the basis for processing your personal data by us is your consent. Data retention period: until you withdraw your consent).
  1. Are your personal data disclosed to third parties?
    Your personal data can be processed by our suppliers or subcontractors (including entities registered outside of EU), such as:
  • Google LLC - in order to use Google Analytics and Google Adwords
  • The Rocket Science Group - in order to send a newsletter using MailChimp software
  • Microsoft Corp – in order to store data on mail server
Moreover, if we find out that your request is better suited for another vendor, we might disclose your contact details to them (subject to your consent).
  1. How is your personal data stored?
    Your personal data is being stored in a way that only selected users from our organisation can access it (we use personal logins and passwords). This way we prevent access by unauthorized third parties, reduce the risk of data loss or corruption.
  1. What are my personal data protection rights?
    You can access your data anytime you wish. You can also receive a copy of your personal data stored by us.
Apart from that you can always inquire about:
a. the reason for processing your data,
b. what type of data we process,
c. for how long we plan to store your data.
You also have a right to:
a. rectify or remove of your data,
b. introduce limitations on processing or object to processing of your data,
c. object to processing of your data for marketing purposes,
d. issue a complaint to a supervisory authority, if you think that your data is being processed in an unlawful way.
In all matters listed above please use one of the following methods of contact:
a. e-mail:
b. phone: 22 465 91 52
c. letter: Dynamics Development Center Sp. z o.o., Grzybowska 87, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland.
  1. Additional information
    This Privacy Policy is in force as of 25th May 2018.